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Only Time Can Write a Song That's Really Really Real

Can You Pair Bond During Cybersex?

#GamerGate As a Media War

Processing Your Emotions Through Mediation Isn't Necessarily Narcissism

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The Cybergypsies: A True Tale of Lust, War, & Betrayal on the Electronic Frontier

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The Influencers Who Have Haters But No Fans

Did You Guys Know All Those Dating App Stats Circulating on Twitter Are Misleading?

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You’re Going to Be In Adolescence Forever

How to Date a Guy Who Hates Your Identity for "Political" Reasons

Everybody Misreads Marshall McLuhan

The "Witches You Couldn't Burn" Were Probably Christians But Don't Let That Stop You

The Infowars I Once Knew and Loved

Why Does Being a "Hot Girl" Have Nothing To Do With Sex? Plus Sissy Hypno and Farming Out Our Intuition to Mystics

I Don't Understand How You Square Being Genuinely Religious with Freedom of Religion

Tradcaths Remind Me of "Geek Girls," Also I Think Zoomers Are Faking Their Schizo-posting, Sue Me

Broadcast Yourself: Fandom and YouTube

A Scrapbook of the History of Dissociative Identity Disorder Online

The Internet Imposes a BPD-style Relationship Pattern By Encouraging Early and Unearned Intimacy

u mIRCin', brah?

How to Lose Your Virginity

Casual Sex Doesn't Exist

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The Importance of Content Curation in an Age of Information Overload

Before We Had the Word Catfish, We Just Called It "Digital Deception"

This Used To Be Real Estate

Three Models of Viewing the World: Autistic, Schizophrenic, and Borderline

Did Tumblr "Turn Your Kid Trans"?

Why Do People Act Like the Internet Used To Be Warm and Welcoming? It Never Was!

Are Our Souls Just What We Project Into Cyberspace? Does Even Asking This Make Me One of Those "Gnostics" I Hear So Much About?

I Can Just Feel the Meta About How Social Media Ruined Our Lives Coming and I'm Dreading It

Technology as Extensions of Ourselves, Friends as Technology

All Watched Over by Machines of Loving Grace, Episode #2

Technology for Conviviality

All Watched Over by Machines of Loving Grace, Episode #1

The RW Profile Pic Shows You Who You Aspire To Be, the LW Profile Pic Shows You Who You Think You Are

Why Little Dark Age Is TikTok's Most Enduring Meme

My Advice Co-Columnist Makes Me Print Things Like "Women Aren't People"

A Recap of Our Conversation About Juno and Scott Pilgrim

Unedited Field Notes on Different Types of Femcels That Might Be Wildly Inaccurate But Please Don't Tell Me If It is Because I'll Be Extremely Embarrassed

Paint the Town Paul Town

What If TikTok Is Brainwashing Us in Ways We Don't Even Realize?

Discord in the Dark Forest

Can You Age Out of Internet Culture?

Complete Erasure of the Self

Tumblr Posts That Never Happened

A Defense of Therapy Language and Some Theories About Why People Use It

Humdog's Essay "pandora's vox"

How to Stop Being the "Can't Get a GF" Guy

Computer Poetry

Surfing From Node to Node on the World Wide Web

I Am Jack's Emergent Fandom

TikTok Allows You Fans but Less Influence, Twitter Gives You Fewer Fans and More Influence

How to Date as an Ex-Mormon

Raising the Vibration of Olive Oil

How Do Fans Build Online Infrastructure?

#MeToo'd in the Metaverse

Millennial Nostalgia Movie Night

Everything That's Freaking People Out About TikTok Should Have Already Freaked Them Out About Tumblr

How to Navigate the Horror House of Kinky Sexuality

All Those Day-in-the-Life TikToks of Women Goofing Off at Work Are Just Recruitment Videos

Eating Disorders as DIY Medical Transition

How to Be the Most Attractive Man Your Girlfriend Has Ever Been With

#edtwt and Tumblr Sexualized Eating Disorders In a Way Forum and Earlier Web Culture Did Not

Trend Analysis is Trending and Text-based "Gender"