May 18, 2022 • 46M

Mini-sode: The Tokenization of Everything.

ft. Meta-Nomad

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Katherine Dee
Once a podcast about desire, now a podcast about our lives online.
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Reflection of Eurasian Brown Bear walking past lake in the vast Taiga Forest of Northern Finland

Meta-Nomad, the host of another one of my favorite podcasts, Hermitix, and I talk about cyclicacklashes, the frontiersmen of the Metaverse, walking the walk, and the importance of starting a garden. 

I cut this one a little short because towards the end, it got a little inside baseball and we went on a long tangent about a specific book. Initially, I was planning on this being released in written format but was pleasantly surprised that the audio quality wasn't too too bad. 

Theme: Telekon by Gary Numan

Listen to Hermitix here. Listen to The Computer Room on other platforms here.