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BOOK CLUB: Big Swiss by Jen Beagin

A re-cap of 2023...

New fiction!

Man and Animal and Otherkin.

Cartoon love.

Fictional soul, human body.

The Internet is America.

What's so alluring about incest fic?

Why don’t you take a seat in Lucas' room?

Some very important housekeeping...

The Myth of "Girl Internet."

the e-boy's guide to e-dating, e-girls, and e-ating disorders.

Pink pill science.

The female-to-female transsexual.

e-girls, class, social age, anti-social punishment.

The nihilism of the mass shooter.

Can you pair bond during cybersex?

What is Cyberspace?

Digital dark age.

Is There a There in Cyberspace?

New York Event, 07.08.2023

Fragmentation of the self.

Digital afterlives.

No one is talking about Fake Accounts.

The Hello Kitty Girl.

Pretty ugly little liars.

What do I mean when I say that politics are fandom?

Safety and containment for the truly unhinged.

The Internet is for porn.

Live from the High Desert.

The last batch.

Chat-GPT: Lonely When It's Alone?

no good 15 lbs overweight.

Female rage.

D.C. Meet Up!

Debrief on the weekend...

You know what would be a perfect title for this...?

Professional patients (unabridged).

Digital thirst and the sad end of print journalism

In the future, everyone will be seen exactly as they want to be for 15 minutes.

Transformational vs. affirmational fandom.

March Film Club.

Social media realism.

Does it matter that "demisexual" came from a 2004 roleplaying forum?

Today, I'd like to leave you with this song.

America, the commercial republic.

We're talking about You've Got Mail on 3/13 at 7pm ET/6pm CT...


Clam chowder for idiots.

Artists influenced by the Internet...

Chemsex, femcels, Harrington's Mengele.

The Internet's own sexual orientation.

Online lucid dreaming.


February Film Club.

Meditations on the self-diagnosis.


Soul first, body last.

Everyone, even you, is prettier and nicer in person.

"Manifestation" is a cry for help.

Welcome new subscribers!

A Content Minded cross-post.

A master list of dating advice.

I don't want to feel this way forever.

Confessions of a Gorean slave.

How many people are living on "Internet time"?

Overworked, overpaid, undertaxed.

TikTok is talking to me. I'm listening.

What is fictosexuality?

The Catholic Machine.


The History of the Board Ho.