Very interesting discussion, albeit cryptic to me. I feel like I said this before, or asked rather, but is there some kind of DF lexicon out there? It seemed like every third sentence featured a term, reference, or what I assume is jargon / in-speak that totally befuddled me. Not to mention the collection of internet new speak like "unalive" or "cheese pizza" which feels expressed as a work-around for a big brother who is no longer watching.

I suppose I would consider myself a "normie" in a discussion like this. I have been paying pretty close attention to the internet for leisure and profit since the 90s. DF has been "visible" to me for a few years now. If I am a normie, I have no idea what I would call most the people I know personally, "NPCs"?. Should I read this as "not for general consumption"? Or am I missing some kind of shibboleth / sponsor to gain access to the breakroom where this language is generated. Do I want to do this? Any thoughts / suggestions? Insert "fellow kids" meme here.

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Oct 26, 2023Liked by Katherine Dee

Oh, I loved listening to that episode!

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