The link in your Tablet that implied photographs of hijabi e-girls was a serious let down. I see them on occasion in Southern California, and am interested in how the Saudi version would compare.

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I was trying to think of examples of people who "died online" but actually are IRL living still, and I thought of the "Hello my future girlfriend" Angelfire site or whatever. Yep, he's still alive! https://www.reddit.com/r/IAmA/comments/blzgb/i_was_an_internet_meme_the_hello_my_future/

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The Main Exceptions

N1ggas like Zyzz conformed to and kissed the ass of the Manosphere without contributing or giving anything much than an interesting Death with the exact Rhetoric espoused, people saw he was "one of Us" and felt sorry so they could use him as a vehicle for the cause and it's the majority / The other side is people who have super repellent Online search and Browser History who get memorialized because they are either humorous to laugh at and a projection for others to make fun of 0R people have some kind of Complex which allows them to want to get involved into something more sinister and unfamiliar but disregarding the already "solved,fixed"

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I couldn't give you a coherent explanation, but I CANNOT physically watch that video you embedded. It's like I feel a malevolence lurching past the boundary of the screen

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The cover image has this line repeating in my head:

Murmurs ran along the valley,

Like the banshee's lonely croon,

And a thousand pikes were flashing

By the Rising of the Moon.


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